What is the meaning of alcohol and drug abuse?

What is the meaning of alcohol and drug abuse? 

Substance abuse is the medical term used to describe a pattern of using a substance (drug or alcohol) that causes significant problems or distress. This may be missing work or school, using the substance in dangerous situations, such as driving a car, working machinery etc.

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Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Every year thousands of lives are ruined by alcohol and drug abuse, and people suffer many problems in their private life, health hazards, and even in jobs! And, even do you know that just one person in the workplace affected by drugs or alcohol can put everyone at risk? Our Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training lets you and your employees know how to raise awareness of the misuse of drugs and alcohol, and how it can be dealt with before it becomes a problem at work. So, offer this course to your employees to equip them with the knowledge to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse; to understand the effects addiction has on both physical and mental health, and to make clear the impact substance abuse has on a workplace and their legal responsibilities regarding it.

Key Features of This Course:

  • A One-on-One tutor-led, fully online course led by a qualified professional
  • A recognized CPD program accredited by RoSPA
  • After you have successfully completed it, the certificate can be immediately printed for audit and compliance purposes
  • Low Cost Our Price £20 plus vat
  • Learn official statistics in Uk using drugs and alcohol
  • Understand why is dangerous to misuse drugs and alcohol
  • The necessary steps to prevent or make aware of people against them
  • Explain the spotting signs of drug misuse and its effect
  • Make an effective Drug and Alcohol Policy

The Learnings Of This Course:

  • Be able to know the current drug treatments
  • Identify the options for outside support available to individuals and organizations.
  • The responsibility of you to reduce drug, alcohol, and substance misuse
  • The Statistics and Signs of Misuse
  • A short introduction of Illegal Drugs Part 1 and 2
  • Understanding the negative effects of drugs & alcohol
  • Understand your responsibilities regarding drugs and alcohol
  • Learn what can be done about the problem through people and policies
  • Company Best Practice Part 1 2 and 3
  • The Drug Treatment Services

Meta Description:

It doesn’t matter where you work whether you’re a manager or staff in any industry, then you’re responsible for ensuring or can play a role in reducing the use of drugs, alcohol, and substances making people aware of the risks of their usage! This Drug & Alcohol Training course is here to help you with them! Our Online Awareness Training starts with brief official statistics to illustrate the scale of drug and alcohol abuse in the UK. Have this online training, and learn in detail about commonly used drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, and some new designer drugs and understand how to mitigate the misuse of them by yourself or in the organization you lead!

Start Your Drug ans Alcohol Awareness Training Here!!!

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