What Car Do You Drive?

What Car Do You Drive?

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It was April 17, 1964. 

Tom Lease was just 15, not even old enough to drive. 

His neighbour across the road took his two kids and Tom to look at the new Ford Car. In fact, Tom got to go on a test drive in the brand new red 1964 Ford Car on its launch day. 

Tom says, “We were in a rural, Lincoln, and it was as though people were spellbound when they saw us drive down Main Street. We felt like film stars.” 

This is from one of the more than 569 stories posted on a social website for Ford Motor Company. 

Another… story starts out…”My 35+ Year Love Story with Ford” and continues with all the “firsts” that occurred with Ford cars…from first dates to first car purchased after getting married to first car he bought for his kids that “also saved his daughters life”.

These stories have one thing in common. The customer’s loyalty to Ford Cars

It’s not uncommon to see loyalty among Car owners…

Like the guy who has three cars in the driveway, all BMW’s

The driver who will only buy a Range Rover

Or the neighbour who’s not only been driving the same brand of car for the past 40 years, but also has passed on this brand loyalty to his children

Car companies understand that the single most expensive and painful thing to do is to get a new customer. And they understand the importance of creating loyalty in customers.

In fact, they even have an annual event focused on loyalty…The Loyalty Awards…held every year for the past 20 years.

Incidentally, Ford took top honours this year including Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer; Overall Loyalty to Make; African-American Loyalty to Manufacturer; and Mid/Full-Size Pickup for its F-Series truck lineup, which has been honoured in that category 16 out of the last 20 years.

The truth is though acquiring a new customer is the most expensive and painful thing in any business, not just the Car industry.

And, it’s this barrier that keeps most of us from getting more business.

Therefore, once you understand that your customers and clients are an asset that you want to hang onto, your business will jump ahead.

So how do you create customer loyalty like what Ford has?

Together I hope we are going to crystalize and piece together a planned approach helping YOUR business to improve it’s prominence, income and independence and that sales in YOUR business will rise.There’s never been a better time to start building customer loyalty in your business.

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