The Home of IOSH Online Training in London

The Home of IOSH Online Training in London

It is paramount that every manager or staff member responsible for the safety of other staff members gets the skills to handle safety concerns that may arise within an organization. By virtue of these events being inevitable and unpredictable, the best way to prepare for them is to have top-notch skills that stand out in the midst of all other organizations.

Thus, Greenbox Management Solutions Limited is here to walk with you through this journey of enhancing professionalism. Our training equips managers with the requisite skills to facilitate safe management in line with international standards and expectations. The skills dispensed at Greenbox can be utilized across organizations as we review an array of instances and recommend customized safety measures. This means that the management in one organization must not be duplicated in another one, as each of the organizations has varying health hazards.

We are a reputable trainer in IOSH as our past clients have always reached back to express their gratitude. We also make a follow-up on the progress of our clients to assess the effectiveness of the skills offered, and offer refresher courses if need be.

The Home of IOSH online training in London

Areas covered by the course are;

-Introducing Managing Safely

-Assessing Risks

-Controlling Risks

-Understanding your Responsibilities

-Identifying Hazards

-Investigating Accidents and Incidents

-Measuring Performance

By the end of the course, learners should have achieved the following objectives;

-Understand how to take measures aimed at averting potential risks in an organization.

-Have the practical ability to manage health and safety issues in the workplace.

-Be able to implement risk assessment and control strategies

-Understand the individual role in enhancing safety at workplaces.

-Have the ability to identify common hazards such as fire, electricity, working at height, stress, noise, vibration, chemicals and workplace transport that are associated with a particular workplace and not others.

The Home of IOSH online training in London

Seize this Golden life investment opportunity with Greenbox Management Solutions Limited at a price of £295 plus VAT. Contact Malcolm Tilsed For More Information on YOUR IOSH Course   all IOSH courses will be invoiced. Please email

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