Operate Incident & Injury Free

Operate Incident & Injury Free

Be committed to realise this wherever YOU have a presence.

You will:
• Invest in what it takes to achieve this vision.
• Employees, be empowered to lead in making this vision real.
• Proactively work with all stakeholders including clients, contractors and the workforce to make this vision a reality, be prepared to walk away rather than compromise YOUR commitment to safety.

• Own and act on this vision. This requires a mind-set intolerant of any injury or incident – regardless of frequency or severity.


  • That working Incident & Injury Free is a choice and a basic human right.
  • The leaders will be those who succeed in the transformation to making an incident and injury free business, a given.Recognise:
  • This vision is achievable if we are committed.
  • This commitment to being Incident & Injury Free requires taking apersonal stand, great courage and trust.Operate Incident & Injury Free With Workplace Health and Safety Training

    No matter what type of business you own or manage or work in retail environments or workshops, as a worker in factories, you need to know about your Workplace Health And Safety! By ensuring Workplace Health and Safety, you can save more time and money for your employees to have a perfect and safe working environment. After learning Workplace Health and Safety your employees will be empowered and encouraged to assess their work areas for possible hazards and actively be able to mitigate them. And, if they see violations or unsafe work processes, can also speak up and stop production even, they can encourage their colleagues to do the same. So, buying our Online Workplace Health and Safety Training course will give you a better understanding of health and safety legislation and definitions of common terms you need to be decreasing health and safety hazards and increase other benefits for your organizations! Please, click here Workplace Health & Safety Training Starts Here

    Operate Incident & Injury Free Key Features of This Course:

    • A One-on-One tutor-led, fully online course led by a qualified professional
    • A recognized CPD program accredited by IIRSM
    • After you have successfully completed it, the certificate can be immediately printed for audit and compliance purposes
    • Low Cost Our Price £20 plus vat
    • Help to learn what is workplace health and safety
    • Help to address key risk areas relevant to hazards and their remedies
    • A relevant and consistent; development training that is engaging, interactive

    Operate Incident & Injury Free The Learnings of This Course?

    • What is health and safety at work and why is it important?
    • Which work-related hazards and risks can be found?
    • The most commonly caused accidents and ill-health and their remedies
    • The responsibilities for upholding Health and Safety.
    • The welfare facilities for workers
    • The safety measures and procedures
    • Health and safety legislation outlines what employers and employees must do.
    • The importance and significance of workplace risk assessments.
    • The importance of reporting and investigating accidents.
    • The necessity of a risk assessment to prevent and control hazards.

    Operate Incident & Injury Free Meta Description:

    In our Workplace Health and Safety Training Course, you will learn a better understanding of health and safety legislation as well as common terms including the proper manual handling techniques, statistics about workplace accidents, good practices regarding electricity and display screen equipment, and how to safely use electricity. It also included controlling substances hazardous to health, wearing appropriate protective equipment, as well as most common fire safety procedures. Lastly, specific case studies will highlight the importance of workplace health and safety and the consequences of breaches. As well as introducing the concept of risk assessment, it provides advice on how to act in an emergency.

    Workplace Health & Safety Training Starts Here

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