Mental health underrated health concern

Mental health underrated health concern

Mental health was among the most underrated human health concerns in the past. However, upon evaluation of the risks that mental issues pose on the victims, there has been a unanimous desire to help people identify and consequently seek help should they exhibit particular symptoms. Recent statistics in a country like the United States, for instance, indicate that one out of five individuals is likely to be suffering from a mental illness. 

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Owing to the growing need to equip people with mental awareness skills, we offer you an awareness training course to help you deal with unprecedented mental issues and illnesses. 

Why us? 

Our course is CPD approved, meaning that we intentionally help maintain and develop your skills to perform excellently both in casual and professional contexts. 

Our modules are offered by accredited professionals who offer one-on-one tutoring through virtual platforms and address raised concerns at an individual level. 

We immediately print your certificate upon completion of the course to facilitate audit and compliance processes. 

We boast of a pool of professionals who have graduated from the program and whose experience is incorporated into our program to help address all emerging challenges. 

Areas covered by the course are;

What are mental illness and prevalence rates 

Symptoms of Bi-Polar, depression

Psychotic disorders and schizophrenia 

Symptoms of anxiety

personality disorder, 

Self- harming 

The course also helps demystify common misconceptions surrounding mental health issues and equips learners with skills to help identify such issues, not only in themselves but also in their colleagues, family and friends. 

The course is affordable by virtue of being an online one, as learners are spared from travel expenses and other inconveniences such as travel and housing logistics. 

Let us be your professional companion in this journey of creating a society of individuals with robust mental health to avert the far-reaching consequences of unaddressed mental concerns.

Start YOUR Mental Awareness Training Here

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