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With the state of health services across the world, we all need some first aid skills in case of an emergency.

With demand for hospital treatment outstripping capacity even before COVID-19, it is no surprise that the demands of delivering care during a pandemic have led to significant backlogs and longer waits for patients.

7.42 million people waiting for treatment, a slight increase on the previous month; nearly 3.09 million of these patients waiting over 18 weeks; around 371,000 of these patients waiting over a year for treatment – which is around 292 times as many as in March 2019, before the pandemic began.

Learn First First Aid 

Course Covers

What is First Aid?
Barriers, ABCDs and the recovery position
CPR and AEDs
Spinal Injuries
Head Injuries
Managing an Incident & Record Keeping

Burns & Scalds
Electric Shock
Eye Injuries
Anaphylaxis and Diabetes
Heart Attack & Stroke

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