Improve YOUR Marketing

Improve YOUR Marketing Make More Money For Your Business 

Did you reflect on last years successes and failures. 

What were your top achievements. 

What was your biggest failure. 

What had the biggest impact. 

And so on 

Instead of focusing on generic achievements, I thought it would be fun to put a little twist on this years achievements by relating them specifically to your marketing successes and failures. 

Improve YOUR Marketing

So here is how to review your last years marketing and 8 easy steps to making more money… this year.
1) Map out how you did sales-wise throughout the year. Write down your total sales per month for the entire year. Which were your biggest months, Why, For instance, did you hold an event or launch a product that created a spike in sales, This will give you clues of things you might want to be sure and repeat next year.

2) Which were your three most important marketing initiatives for the year, Why were they important,

3) What were your top three marketing campaign results over the last year, Maybe you launched a product that generated twenty percent of your income this year or added a lead generation funnel that has created a new source of qualified leads.

4) What was your biggest marketing failure this year, What did you learn from it?, Marketing is never successful 100% of the time, however when you test things, you can learn to be more successful the next time. Think about your marketing failures and what the biggest lesson was that you learned last year so next year you can do better.

5) What are three marketing techniques or strategies you used that had the biggest impact on your bottom line, Did you for example incorporate direct mail, Write down what the strategies were and how they impacted your business.

6) What are three things you want to achieve with your marketing in the next 12 months, Do you want to get better and more qualified leads, Increase your sales or membership, Be able to charge more with less resistance to price, Create a steady stream of customers, clients that come to you.
Shorten your sales cycle. Determine what it is you want to achieve and that will help you define where you should focus your time, money and resources.

7) What marketing that is already in place, would you most like to improve or change. How and why. Sometimes we have marketing in place that needs fine-tuning. For example, maybe there is a sales letter or an email sequence that isn’t working as well that could use some freshening up. Or maybe your website needs fine-tuning.

8) Describe what your marketing will be able to do for you in the future. What marketing do you need to get in place or what do you need to do to create that. For example, you might say
I want marketing that will attract well-paying customers that love my products and services to me so that I do not have to chase them.
or My marketing will develop customers into raving fans who tell others about my products and services and are willing to pay premium prices without resistance.
or My events will fill quickly and easily. And when I launch new products and services I will sell a minimum of XXX pounds/dollars
The next step would be to figure out what you need to do to make your marketing picture a reality. In the above examples, an integrated lead generation strategy would need to be in place which means you might need to develop a lead magnet. Or you might need to take a course or speak to a business mentor.
Spend a few minutes reviewing your marketing from last year and it will be easier to develop a more successful plan for this year. Plus you will find it easier to make decisions about what type of resources you need to get in order to fulfill your marketing goals in the coming year.
Good Luck
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