Demystifying Mental Health

Demystifying Mental Health

Despite the grave consequences of mental illnesses, mental health is one sector people have deliberately failed to give adequate attention to. However, they may have no idea of what exactly mental health entails and the difference between mental health and mental illness.

We at Greenbox Management Solutions Limited, we are committed to ensuring that the public is informed of the mysteries that surround the mental illness, which has become a national pandemic and rarely addressed in our societies. We do this by offering a course in mental health and the importance of mental health awareness to society.

The syllabus for the course entails the following topics;

The difference between mental health and mental illness. 

 Most common mental illnesses and their respective symptoms. 

 Skills on how to live with victims of mental illnesses.

Why Us?

The mental awareness course is CPD approved, making it stand out among most trainers. Besides, upon learning about the quality of our services, we have been more devoted to offering the course at a very affordable price.

The course also has flexible study methods ranging from online to physical classes, holidays to regular times etc.

This desire to offer quality education has been reciprocated through successful candidates who have exited the institution and doing a commendable job in their respective workstations.

For more information about the course and the trainer, kindly visit our website at Start YOUR Mental Awareness Training Here

Train With Us, Train with the Champions! 

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