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Dignity and Privacy Training Course Covers

Overview of the Course

Understanding the Principles

Dignity – Good Practice Part 1

Dignity – Good Practice Part 2

Privacy – Good Practice


Overcoming Barriers to Dignity and Privacy

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Dignity and Privacy Training for both Privacy and Dignity

Privacy – the right to keep important parts of yourself to yourself – is central to dignified care. And courtesy – the everyday practice of ordinary politeness – supports it.

Dignity and Privacy, it’s right to offer support, practical help, opportunities and advice to people who use adult social services. But a personalised service will also protect the right of an individual to defend what’s unique and special about them: their thoughts, their identity, their relationships, their personal space and their body.

Observing dignity and privacy is essential for establishing an effective relationship between the healthcare professionals and patients. It also is critical for maintaining patient’s serenity. In contrast, many harmful consequences would ensue if the patients’ dignity is not observed

Many people ask What is dignity privacy and respect?
Privacy: giving someone space where and when they need it
Dignity: focusing on the value of every individual, including:
respecting their views, choices and decisions
not making assumptions about how they want to be treated
working with care and compassion
communicating directly with the individual whenever