Coping With Stress


Strategies that enable you to deal with challenging situations is vital to being able to bounce back from stress

Course Description:

The Health and Safety Executive states that ‘work-related stress develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands being placed on them’.

This can come from any aspect of their life but it often comes from demands placed on them at work.

So why is stress a problem in the workplace?

Well the latest estimates show the total number of cases of work-related stress depression or anxiety account for 39% of all work-related illness.

Some occupations may be more susceptible to stress but it can affect anyone and can impact on health, ability to function effectively at work and at home and in relationships.

Target Audience:

This Online Stress Management E-Learning course is aimed at all employees, giving them an introduction to stress and why it’s a problem.

We look at some of the causes of stress and some ways to minimise the risk of stress.


Stress is a real problem for both organisations and their employees. It accounts for a significant proportion of work-related illness each year.

Being aware of the signs of stress, some of the triggers and how to manage them can make a real difference to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of people around you.

CPD approval means that this course can be used by those that need to prove they are continually developing themselves.

Stress Awareness Online training is flexible, efficient and cost-effective,

The candidate can progress through the modules at their own pace and in their own time to fit the training in around their work and personal life.

Further Progression:

Other courses in our Business Skills suite that compliment this one or be used for further professional development include Disciplinary Procedures, Anti-Harassment and Bullying, Leadership Skills, Developing Teamwork and Principles of Communication.

Duration30 minutes Start YOUR Stress Management Training Here

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