Drive Your Business Forward

Drive Your Business Forward With all the negativity about the economy and inflation should not deter you from the driving goal of every successful business owner finding your next breakthrough. In fact, it’s the economic situation that makes the pursuit of such breakthroughs so important, that why it’s more important than ever to invest in […]

What do I do if I witness a Stroke

Stroke Awareness

What do I do if I witness a Stroke Call emergency services immediately Take a note of the time you first see symptoms Perform CPR, if necessary Do not let that person go to sleep or talk you out of calling emergency services Do not give them medication, food, or drinks. Do not drive yourself […]

World Cancer Day

Asbestos Awareness Training Essex

World Cancer Day: a reminder of the risks to lungs from work activities Saturday 4 February marks World Cancer Day, the international awareness day to help educate and work together to reduce preventable cancer deaths. Each year, it is estimated that 12,000 people die from work-related lung diseases linked to exposure during their working lives, […]

Effective Presentation Key Tips

Presentation Skills Training

Effective Presentation Key Tips  This is designed to be an easy to follow checklist of all the points required to design presentations in the future. Learn How To Give a Successful Presentation Here ENSURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE POINTS IN THE ORDER GIVEN. Decide which character type the audience is: Emotive, Directive, Reflective, Supportive or a […]

Personal Protective Equipment Training

PPE Training

Personal Protective Equipment Training In every working environment, safe and appropriate use of personal protective equipment can reduce injuries and provide a safe working environment! We offer Personal Protective Equipment training for those who work in high-risk industries requiring additional protection beyond other control measures. The guide is especially useful for employers and supervisors who […]

Fire Marshal training is a legal obligation

Fire Marshal Training

Fire Marshal training is a legal obligation Fire Marshal training forms an essential part of your fire safety strategy. It is also a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Under these regulations, you have a legal obligation to ensure that any “responsible person” has undergone specific Fire Marshal training. Get YOUR […]

Planning A New Business

Planning a new business

Planning a NEW Business We’ve get a load of questions from people with new businesses, start-ups, or planning a new business and ask what they need in the way of training to help their business.  Not only do you qualify to get great low cost certifitate training, if you have a newer business, then Greenbox […]

What are the 5 types of cyber security?

Cyber Security Training

What are the 5 types of cyber security? Cybersecurity can be categorised into five distinct types: Critical infrastructure security. Application security. Network security. Cloud security. Internet of Things (IoT) security. Cyber Security Training CPD Approval  #cybersecurity Employees, managers and directors should all have a good understanding of the threat posed by cyber-attacks and the importance […]


SUPERVISING MENTAL HEALTH AT WORK Course Description Start YOUR Supervising Mental Health at Work Here  This supervising mental health at work course will look at supervising stress and mental health at work and show you how to create a good mental health culture in your workplace. The course starts by examining the negative effects of […]


Learning Disability Training

LEARNING DISABILITY AWARENESS CPD Approval Get YOUR Learning Disability Training Here Course Description: Learning disabilities, however they are acquired, are lifelong. They are neurological disabilities and affect how an individual understands and remembers information and how they learn and communicate. People can be born with learning disabilities or they may acquire them later in life. […]