Take YOUR Business to the Next Level

You and your employees are burnt out and we know it. Life in a creative business can be brutal and exhausting. You’re juggling your clients’ wants and needs, introducing new ideas, keeping up with trends as well as factoring in your own team meetings, brainstorming sessions and monthly reports. If your team aren’t already completely burnt out- they could be close to it. Burnout is a really big issue and this blog, Avoiding Stress and burnout in […]

Be Determined to achieve YOUR goals

Be Determined to achieve YOUR goals in the last few months of 2021 Determination is the difference between being STUCK and being STRUCK with the power of absolute commitment and resolve. If you want to achieve your biggest goals, you must understand that trying to sustain “motivation” to keep “pushing yourself” won’t work long-term. The […]

Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental Health Awareness Training CPD Approved #mentalhealthtraining One-on-One tutor led fully online course developed by a qualified professional Accredited by CPD conforming to universally accepted continuing professional development. Once you have successfully completed the course your certificate can be immediately printed for audit and compliance purposes Your learn about Symptoms of anxiety, personality disorder, Youe learn […]