Be Determined to achieve YOUR goals

Be Determined to achieve YOUR goals in the last few months of 2021

Determination is the difference between being STUCK and being STRUCK with the power of absolute commitment and resolve.

If you want to achieve your biggest goals, you must understand that trying to sustain “motivation” to keep “pushing yourself” won’t work long-term.

The push will eventually wear you out. Putting ourselves in a state of DETERMINATION where we’re PULLED by our purpose is the sustainable way forward.

Determination means you are both feet in and absolutely committed to your decision with congruent language and action; it’s a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the result. Cut off any other possibility. Want the island? Burn your boats!

What are YOU determined to make happen in the last few months of 2021?

Objective & Goal Setting Training

  • One-on-One tutor led fully online course developed by a qualified   professional
  • Accredited by CPD conforming to universally accepted continuing professional development.
  • Once you have successfully completed the course your certificate can be immediately printed for audit and compliance purposes
  • Why Goals and Objectives are Important SMART Objectives
  • Low Cost Recommended Price £35 plus vat, Our Price £20 plus vat
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Objective Setting Training CPD Approved

Setting clear and precise goals and objectives ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal, allowing for business and personal growth. Objectives clarify priorities and allow employees to allocate their time and resources more effectively. They also introduce a way of understanding how work will be measured and evaluated, thus enabling employees to evaluate their own performance, and make adjustments as necessary.

This course aims to help you write effective objectives that deliver results. It covers the importance of goals and objectives and why we need them, the barriers to you achieving your objectives and how to overcome them, what SMART objectives are and how to write and identify them and concludes with some tips for successful objective setting.

Course Covers

Why Goals and Objectives are Important SMART Objectives

Tips for Successful Objective Setting

Pass Rate Required 70%


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