Media Awareness Course
Learn the secrets of capturing the media’s attention

Delivering a confident message to the media is an essential business skill. It can be of great benefit to you and help your business grow. Performing well, you will be seen as trusted and reliable and win more customers as a result. Learning media skills in a short time gives you a significant competitive advantage.

How Green Box Management Solutions can help you:

  • You will be confident to handle any type of interview
  • Inform and grow your business through the media
  • Generate more positive stories
  • Know what PR is and what it can achieve
  • Deal effectively with bad news
  • Learning techniques and disciplines to help you manage your PR
  • Know how to handle tough questions
  • Know how to create and deliver a core media message

The Secrets of Marketing

At the heart of this course are the dozens and dozens of Marketing, Sales and Internet Marketing strategies that will help your business grow. At the end of the course, you will leave equipped with everything you need to be immune to this faltering economy - and attract customers to your business with ease. Things have changed radically over the years so we'll also be ensuring that you're on top of all those changes. It's worth mentioning what, for many, is the best part of the Secrets of Marketing - your fellow business owners and colleagues. You'll be immersed with an incredible group of like-minded individuals. They represent every size and type of business you can imagine, from small to Medium to large companies. But everyone shares the same desire for success. The same desire to be at the leading edge of Marketing and business excellence. So the course is also a great opportunity to form lifelong relationships and maybe do business with your new colleagues.

Get out of Debt & Start Living Again

Pay off all of your debts - your credit cards, store cards, bank loans, car payments, even your mortgage in the shortest possible time, Just think for a moment what it would be like to have no debts, so that every penny coming into your household is your money to spend on what you want.
This course will give you financial freedom, from owing everyone to owning everything and show you how to build real wealth for you and your family. This course is designed to allow you to pay off all of your debts; it will show why you got into debt and so avoid debt in the future. But the most exciting thing about this course is that it gives you a genuine opportunity to start again, to rebuild your debt free life, with a clear vision for the future.

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