Do You Suffer From Stress At Work Do You Suffer From Stress At Work

Stress Management Training Course
Approved by CPD
The Health and Safety Executive states that ‘work related stress develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands being placed on them’. This can come from any aspect of their life but it often comes from demands placed on them at work.
So why is stress a problem in the workplace?
Well the latest estimates show the total number of cases of work related stress depression or anxiety account for 39% of all work related illness.
Some occupations may be more susceptible to stress but it can affect anyone and can impact on health, ability to function effectively at work and at home and in relationships.
Stress is a real problem for both organisations and their employees. It accounts for a significant proportion of work related illness each year. Being aware of the signs of stress, some of the triggers and how to manage them can make a real difference to your wellbeing and that of people around you.
This course will cover an introduction to stress and why it’s a problem, some of the causes of stress and some ways to minimise the risk of stress.
The Course consists of 4 modules with a duration of 30 minutes, this is based on the amount of video content shown, It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions.
1 What is Stress and Why is it a Problem
2 The Causes and Symptoms of Stress
3 The Law on Stress and its Contravention
4 Minimising the Risk of Stress
Stress Training Course is just £35 plus vat

Our Special Offer to You: We can even offer you a discount if you want to book a group of training courses for your teams.

Just ring me or drop me an e-mail for further details - but be sure to DO IT NOW!

Southend Italian Festival Southend Italian Festival

This Years Southend Italian Festival takes place on Saturday 5 September 2015, It's Bigger & Better than ever
Don't Miss it, if you want more information contact

Braintree Christmas Switch On 30 November 2014 Braintree Christmas Switch On 30 November 2014

The Braintree Town Centre Christmas Switch On Event on
Sunday 30th November, 10am to 5pm
The Braintree Christmas Light Switch On Event is a Victorian Theme, so we are hoping that both public & The Town will dress up in costume for the day.
The event includes Heart Road Show, Christmas Festival Market, Santa Bike Ride, Fun Fair, Entertainment etc
There is also a Craft Fair at the Event
We are also looking at a hiring in a land train (subject to sponsorship) to transport people from one end of the Town to the other.
Please see below a short video.
We know that the Town Centre both Customers and the retailers will be impressed with the event
We are also putting together a 4 page Christmas Wrap, in the Braintree & District Times
We are expecting around 15,000 on the day of the Christmas Light Switch On.
We also have a few pop up stalls & pitches remaining
We believe this event offers Braintree a great opportunity and excellent community relations to show off all that Braintree has for Christmas.

Feelgood Factor Increases Feelgood Factor Increases

The Feelgood factoris returning to the UK SME sector, with firms seeking to take on more staff as the recovery gains momentum.
Despite the recent surprise drop in manufacturing output, which saw a 1.3 per cent fall in May, a survey by employment specialist The HR Dept, found that 56.7 per cent of respondents to a survey of more than 1,500 SME businesses across the UK expected to recuit in 2014.

Southend Italian Festival Southend Italian Festival

The Southend Italian Festival takes place on Saturday 24th August 2013
If you have a classic Italian Car, why not feature it at the Southend Festival.
Greenbox Management Ltd will create a real family welcoming, friendly, natural, cheerful, lively, safe and fun event to the Royals Shopping Centre and Southend Town Centre with the Italian Festival event.
Italia In Piazza The Real Italian Food Market (On Southend High Street) offering a wide range of authentic Italian foods great of Olives, Nuts, Italian biscuits, Nougats and chocolates, Italian sweets, Salami and cheese, Breads, Italian packed pasta etc.
Classic Alfa Romeo display Location The Royals Square 18 cars
Italian Supercar Display Location The Royals Square 7 cars
Meet Luciano Pavarotti (Look/Sing a Like), who goes all over the World, he is a world class entertainer, Luciano Pavarotti (Look/Sing a Like) will sing Italian songs with intervals between 11am & 4pm
A face painter (free face painting for all) has been booked with an Italian theme 11am to 4pm
Ducati Sporting Club Display with their classic bikes (Location High Street Outside the Royals Shopping Centre) 6 Bikes
Barchetta Classic Car display (Location High Street Outside the Royals Shopping Centre) 5 cars
Fiat Display (2 cars provided by Essex Ford) (Location High Street Outside the Royals Shopping Centre)
Classic car owners High end are being contacted to see if they wish to take part in the event number
A Childrens Character Dog has been booked 11am to 4pm wearing his I love Southend T Shirt
Rossi Ice cream available
A Farmers market is taking place on the same day (Location High Street)

Make More Money For Your Business Make More Money For Your Business

Make More Money For Your Business
By: Malcolm Tilsed
Did you reflect on last years successes and failures.
What were your top achievements.
What was your biggest failure.
What had the biggest impact.
And so on
Instead of focusing on generic achievements, I thought it would be fun to put a little twist on this years achievements by relating them specifically to your marketing successes and failures.
So here is how to review your last years marketing and 8 easy steps to making more money this year.
1) Map out how you did sales-wise throughout the year. Write down your total sales per month for the entire year. Which were your biggest months, Why, For instance, did you hold an event or launch a product that created a spike in sales, This will give you clues of things you might want to be sure and repeat next year.

2) Which were your three most important marketing initiatives for the year, Why were they important,

3) What were your top three marketing campaign results of 2012, Maybe you launched a product that generated twenty percent of your income this year or added a lead generation funnel that has created a new source of qualified leads.

4) What was your biggest marketing failure this year, What did you learn from it?,Marketing is never successful 100% of the time, however when you test things, you can learn to be more successful the next time. Think about your marketing failures and what the biggest lesson was that you learned last year so next year you can do better.

5) What are three marketing techniques or strategies you used that had the biggest impact on your bottom line, Did you for example incorporate direct mail, Write down what the strategies were and how they impacted your business.

6) What are three things you want to achieve with your marketing in 2014, Do you want to get better and more qualified leads, Increase your sales or membership, Be able to charge more with less resistance to price, Create a steady stream of customers, clients that come to you.
Shorten your sales cycle. Determine what it is you want to achieve and that will help you define where you should focus your time, money and resources.

7) What marketing that is already in place, would you most like to improve or change. How and why. Sometimes we have marketing in place that needs fine-tuning. For example, maybe there is a sales letter or an email sequence that isn t working as well that could use some freshening up. Or maybe your website needs fine-tuning.

8) Describe what your marketing will be able to do for you in the future. What marketing do you need to get in place or what do you need to do to create that. For example, you might say
I want marketing that will attract well-paying customers that love my products and services to me so that I do not have to chase them.
or My marketing will develop customers into raving fans who tell others about my products and services and are willing to pay premium prices without resistance.
or My events will fill quickly and easily. And when I launch new products and services I will sell a minimum of 100 thousand pounds.
The next step would be to figure out what you need to do to make your marketing picture a reality. In the above examples, an integrated lead generation strategy would need to be in place which means you might need to develop a lead magnet. Or you might need to take a course or speak to a business mentor.
Spend a few minutes reviewing your marketing from last year and it will be easier to develop a more successful plan for 2014. Plus you will find it easier to make decisions about what type of resources you need to get in order to fulfill your marketing goals in the coming year.

NOTE: If you want to be sure to make your marketing better please speak to me.

Greenbox Win Easter Event Greenbox Win Easter Event

Greenbox Management Ltd Win Easter on the back of a successul Christmas Campaign.
The colourful countdown arranged by Greenbox Management Ltd to Christmas began in Braintree in November as the town's festive lights were switched on.
Hundreds of people turned out on the chilly streets of Braintree on Saturday afternoon as an array of colourful characters kept the crowds entertained.
As well as a visit by Father Christmas, Snow White, the Ice Maiden and a Christmas moose also made an appearance.
Choirs from local schools, Lyons Hall Primary and Alec Hunter Secondary, sang carols in the lead up to the switch on and made sure all the crowds were involved.
Braintree council chairman Lynette Bowers-Flint said: "It was wonderful - an awful lot of people turned out and so many people joined in with the singing, including myself!"
Led by local Olympic Torch bearer Kate Malyon, the lights were switched on at 5pm alongside town crier Tony Appleton, Snow White and Cllr Bowers-Flint.
The lights switch on comes a week after Braintree District Council hosted a Christmas market in the town centre.
Cabinet member for prosperity, Cllr Chris Siddall said: "By having two Christmas events, last weeks Christmas market and this week's Christmas light switch on, it is set to boost trade for local retailers in the countdown to Christmas."
Cllr Bowers-Flint added: "It really was a fantastic evening and everything is helping towards us trying to build the business up for Braintree. This would have definitely helped." Greenbox Management are very Proud to working with the great people of Braintree

Nominate A Star To Turn On The Braintree Christmas Lights Nominate A Star To Turn On The Braintree Christmas Lights

Braintree's best and brightest need your nominations as we search for a local star to turn on this years Christmas lights, which are being organised by Greenbox Management.

We are looking for inspiring tales of Braintree people who you feel deserve this recognition and would enjoy kick starting this years festivities by switching on the lights on Saturday November 17.

Event organisers hope to tell the story of Christmas with the help of school choirs and hope crowds will join in with their favourite carols.

We are hoping our judging panel will be inundated with nominations to make this years event extra special.

To enter please send you nominations with 100 words about why you feel they should be chosen to or The Braintree and Witham Times, 76 High Street, Braintree, CM7 1JP by November 3.

Shopping Mall Man Shopping Mall Man

Shopping Mall Man

Back in April 2002 I was interviewed for the Boardroom Magazine Agenda, the comments I made 10 years ago, are as true today as they were then.
In the final quarter of last year, shoppers ignored reports of economic downturn and rising unemployment, fuelling Britain's biggest spending spree since the consumer boom of 1998. As the stores continued to report buoyant sales in the New Year, and started planning for Easter, Reporter Philip Evemy asked Malcolm Tilsed the man responsible for one of the A12's most successful shopping centres whether there's more to retailing that cut-throat competition and drastic discounting.

It was a cold, wet, winter morning; a Monday, and just the sort of day when shoppers would normally be outnumbered by the sales assistants filling shelves and swapping stories about the weekend. But not at The Meadows Shopping Centre in Chelmsford Essex.

Feeling like a huge, bright conservatory, the place crowded, with queues at the checkouts and an atmosphere of confident, business-like efficiency.

Upstairs, as I thawed out over coffee, Malcolm Tilsed (pictured on front cover), Manager of The Meadows since just after it opened five years ago, talked about the support he gets for the centre's charity campaign to help the Balkans.

As he recounted a visit to an orphanage last November delivering thousands of boxes of food collected by The Meadows, it was not difficult to see why he is good at what he does.

His enthusiasm for the job and for the people in his team was infectious.

Malcolm is proud of the fact that he has been steeped in retailing since he was a teenager. Born and raised in Poole, Dorset, he recalled how he left school at 16 on the Monday, joined Woolco's department store in Bournemouth on the Tuesday and carried on working for them for the next 15 years.

"It was a very good organisation; and we were a great team. But retail is about detail, and we were trained from the very first day to remember, always, that the customer is king. It was very important," he said.

In 1987, Woolco was sold, and Malcolm joined British Home Stores, working over the next ten years in Watford Southend Colchester Middlesborough and Gravesend before ending up in Chelmsford, where he was courted by a firm of head-hunters for months and finally persuaded to join the brand-new Meadows Shopping Centre as its manager.

"In the olden days," says Malcolm, "managers were mainly recruited from the armed services. They were good at running the building but they didn't really "work" the atmosphere. What we try to do here is to create the right environment for people to flourish.

"The number one priority is customer service. A clean, safe environment is essential, but there's much more to it than that, and all members of our team, even the part-time car park attendants, are trained to take special care of our customers like the little old ladies struggling to get their bags into the car.

"We also take great care of our tenants and arrange regular meetings to discuss anything and everything that affects the place and the way it is run. There are only 40 units, but 20 to 25 always turn up, which is normally unheard of because most of the tenants don't have the time.

"Marketing is always a priority, and we work hard with a small budget to devise exciting and unusual events and promotions, even using, music and celebrities to attract shoppers and make them realise they will miss something if they don't come in."

Asked whether he felt that the internet would affect town centre shopping in the future, Malcolm recalled that, as a youngster, his mother wrote a list for him to take to the corner shop every Thursday.
"On Saturday morning, our shopping would arrive in a box. Tesco are doing the same thing today," he said.

"We have done some research on e-tailing and, in my opinion, we will not be affected for several reasons. People wanting to buy shoes, a dress or a suit still want to go out and see and touch before they buy. And we know that shopping is Britain's most popular hobby, with Sunday shopping now accepted as a relaxing leisure experience for the whole family.
However, if you're buying holiday tickets, placing a bet, buying a house or dealing with your bank, you are much more likely to use the internet in the future.

"The real battleground for retailing is the big Christmas shop, and most retailers make their profit in the golden quarter - the last three or four months of the year.

"Lakeside and Bluewater are very good at attracting Christmas shoppers and they are, of course, a threat, but we have no intention of becoming complacent.

"Here at The Meadows," concludes Malcolm with his familiar, infectious enthusiasm, "we will never take our customers for granted. We will always go that extra mile, with an attractive, safe, town centre shopping environment and exciting, unusual promotions, to give our local shoppers what they are looking for."

Southend Chairman Recommends Greenbox Work

Dawn Jeaking, Chairman Southend-On-Sea Town Centre Partnership has written this recommendation for the work carried out by Malcolm Tilsed and Greenbox Management Solutions Ltd

Details of the Recommendation: "I have known Malcolm for many years as both Shopping Centre Manager and now with his own company Green Box Management solutions and always respected his vast wealth of knowledge and his incredible attention to detail. Malcolm took on the challenge of managing Southend Town Centre partnerships Italian Festival that has been running for the last 4 years. As expected Malcolm made sure all areas were covered and also added value to the day with several extra external companies adding to the Italian experience. Running an event over the whole town centre Malcolm made sure that all agencies and partners where dealt with in a positive way ensuring a smooth run event. The STCP board were extremely pleased with Malcolms performance and will be asking him back to manage other events in the coming year. I would have no hesitation in recommending Malcolm and Green Box Management solutions."
Service Category: Project Management
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

High Street Leases Must Be Shorten

High Street leases must be shorten
Shopping Centres are reacting quicker to lease length that the High Street
Research taken place in 2012 highlighted the growing downward pressure on lease lengths. It also shows that although many high streets have the greatest need to attract retailers they are responding more slowly to market conditions than stand-alone Shopping Centres
For most of the past decade, a 10-year term for leases on both the High Street and in Shopping Centres was considered the norm. However, during 2012 the average term reflected by the new Shopping Centres leases dropped sharply to 7.5 years. By contrast, the corresponding figure for High Street leases was virtually unchanged at 9.9 years. It is clear that in general Retailers are demanding shorter leases and, at present, its clear that Shopping Centre landlords are responding more quickly than their High Street counterparts
The fragmented ownership of the High Street makes it more difficult than a Shopping Centre, their flexibility is further illustrated by the continued tendency for turnover leases in which the rent payable is geared to the turnover being achieved by the retailer. While turnover rents are rarely granted on the High street or on retail parks, they continue to feature in more than a third of the Shopping Centres resent lease transactions.

Malcolm Lifts The Cup Before Chelsea Or Liverpool Malcolm Lifts The Cup Before Chelsea Or Liverpool

Malcolm Tilsed, Managing Director of Green Box was on top form at the Budwieser FA Cup promotional launch ahead of the final between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Malcolm was invited along with many other top businessmen to the gathering and is seen with the Trophy which will be lifted by either John Terry or Steven Gerrard on Saturday evening following the later kick off time of 5:15pm.

The Fruits Of Recovery Are Coming

The view of retail guru and managing director Malcolm Tilsed of Green Box Management Solutions Ltd is that retail continues to undergo significant change. Generally retail sales are in the hands of a small number of stronger retailers including the national grocery chains which account for the vast proportion of food sales and 14.7% for non-food sales.
With car ownership of an all-time high many customers are going for the convenience of going to out-of-town shopping centres and Retail Parks.
Many retailers at present are focusing on having fewer stores where there is easy accessibility for shoppers.

In recent years retail parks and the best Shopping Centres locations have outperformed the High Street which was once considered the best prime retail, analysts predict that this trend will continue.
Many fashion and grocery chains have expanded their out-of-town offer taking advantage of comparatively low rents which are available in the Out of Town Retail Parks

In recent years food sales and the sale of fashion have performed well in out of Town locations.

It has been tough over the last few years for the retail property market.

Strong retailers protecting their sales and margins are closing poorly performing stores often in smaller towns and expanding their best locations often in larger Towns and Cities. In prime locations vacancy rates just under 2%, with rental values increasing nearly 2% and there are early signs of rental increases in certain areas as retailers look to 2012/13 when shoppers spending is expected to start improving.
By contrast in small towns and secondary retail space vacancies remain high at around 12% with rental values down by 4% in 2010/11

There is good news on the horizon with demand for the best space continuing to grow but with further pressure on customer spending all types of retailers are anticipated to accelerate their restructuring to enhance their sales and profits.
With online shopping representing 8% of the total UK retail spend, it is expected that some retailers will require large flexible and accessible space.
Prime retailers will require being dominant within their local catchment area with rents that are affordable.

What Car Do You Drive?

It was April 17, 1964.

Tom Lease was just 15, not even old enough to drive.

His neighbour across the road took his two kids and Tom to look at the new Ford Car. In fact, Tom got to go on a test drive in the brand new red 1964 Ford Car on its launch day.

Tom says, "We were in a rural, Lincoln, and it was as though people were spellbound when they saw us drive down Main Street. We felt like film stars."

This is from one of the more than 569 stories posted on a social website for Ford Motor Company.

Another story starts out..."My 35+ Year Love Story with Ford" and continues with all the "firsts" that occurred with Ford cars...from first dates to first car purchased after getting married to first car he bought for his kids that "also saved his daughters life".

These stories have one thing in common. The customer's loyalty to Ford Cars

It's not uncommon to see loyalty among Car owners...

Like the guy who has three cars in the driveway, all BMW's

The driver who will only buy a Range Rover

Or the neighbour who's not only been driving the same brand of car for the past 40 years, but also has passed on this brand loyalty to his children

Car companies understand that the single most expensive and painful thing to do is to get a new customer. And they understand the importance of creating loyalty in customers.

In fact, they even have an annual event focused on loyalty...The Loyalty Awards...held every year for the past 16 years.

Incidentally, Ford took top honours this year including Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer; Overall Loyalty to Make; African-American Loyalty to Manufacturer; and Mid/Full-Size Pickup for its F-Series truck lineup, which has been honoured in that category 14 out of the last 16 years.

The truth is though acquiring a new customer is the most expensive and painful thing in any business, not just the Car industry.

And, it's this barrier that keeps most of us from getting more business.

Therefore, once you understand that your customers and clients are an asset that you want to hang onto, your business will jump ahead.

So how do you create customer loyalty like what Ford has?

Together I hope we are going to crystalize and piece together a planned approach helping YOUR business to improve it's prominence, income and independence and that sales in YOUR business will rise.There's never been a better time to start building customer loyalty in your business.