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Years ago, marketing folk were famous for saying "build a better mousetrap and customers will beat a path to your door". It might have been true once (though I doubt it) but it is way off-beam today.

Shoppers will not spend their valuable time trying to find you - you have to go to them. And you have to shout very loudly, making it crystal clear what's in it for them.

The 21st century is characterised by a passion for engagement. This is me ... this is what I do ... this is what I like ... how about you ... what do you think? Communication is a very big deal. The social networking sites prove that beyond all doubt.

Marketing literature we have written has generated more than £60 million in sales.

Press Releases

Advertising is often effective, but not always cost-effective. It might boost your sales but it can work out very expensive, particularly if you are a fairly new or small business. So why not engage with your local press?

Imagine you're the Editor of your local newspaper. You work extremely hard to find interesting stories about what's new and what's going on in your area. Wouldn't it be great if someone sent you an exciting article about something that's happening locally? Do you think you would print it? I think you might!

Although the style of a press release might be rather different from other forms of writing, it is important that the message is expressed in words that a News Editor can copy and paste, without the need for endless re-writing. They are busy people: they aren't searching for unnecessary work. They want something they can use NOW.

Help them and help yourself. Hire us to write a professional press release to excite your local Editor and win you extra customers.

Price - around £10 per 100 words

Sales Letters

Whether it's sent as a paper copy or as an email, a sales letter has to grab the reader's attention with a strong headline, hold it with interesting copy while they read your message and then persuade them to buy your product or service. And you only have a few seconds to achieve all this before the reader loses interest and moves onto something else. You must tell them what's in it for them if you hope to succeed.

A good sales letter gets action ... and sales.

Price - around £10 per 100 words

Brochures and Web Content

If you're spending hundreds (maybe even thousands) producing a glossy brochure for your holiday home investments or tax-saving scheme, you certainly don't want it riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or clumsy prose.

Well-written, grammatically correct, persuasive pages of text are our specialty. We also undertake search engine optimisation for our web text assignments, to get you higher up the Google page rankings so you are noticed before your competitors.

Price - from around £6 per 100 words


We often ghost-write magazine articles for people who are experts in their fields but whose English is less than perfect. They have the satisfaction of seeing an informative article transformed into a well-written piece of text, while they also have the satisfaction of seeing their expert ideas expressed clearly and unambiguously.

All their readers can then appreciate the value of the content without being distracted by unnecessary mistakes or clumsy writing.

Price - from around £6 per 100 words

If you have a letter, an essay, a sales email, a website page or any other piece of written English you want to create, the cheapest and most effective way is to write it out as well as you can, send it to us, and we will re-write it as necessary. However, the best work will result from a clearly written brief where we write from scratch. Although not the cheapest, that is probably the most professional way to proceed.
We will always agree a price in advance, and stick to it.